Recommended books for the youngest children

There are, of course, many books I could recommend here. I have chosen some of the all time greats but you will find many more at Amazon. Please follow any of the book links below.

3 - 5

Bears in the Night is a lovely book in the Beginning Books for Beginning Beginners series.
It tells the story of a thrilling late-night expedition (and teaches lots of English prepositions at the same time!)


3 - 5
The Spooky Old Tree - continues the story of the bears. Another action-packed beginning beginner's thriller!! (More prepositions and making questions...)
3 - 8

I've read The Pop-Up Mice of Mr Brice to countless children down through the years and have yet to meet a child who didn't love every page! This is a book for a grown-up to own and produce at intervals to enjoy with the young ones. Not only does it teach language in a very charming way but it has a wonderful rhyming storyline.
Not available as yet from the UK Amazon company but you can order it from the US Amazon site.

5 - 99

Green Eggs and Ham is the children's classic beyond all classics. It's made its way to t-shirts, videos, cd's, inter-active games etc etc. But first and foremost it is a great book to read with children. You will find that your children (Yes, even Norwegian children who are just learning English) learn whole pages off by heart in no time at all. In fact years afterwards grown-ups all over the English speaking world can still quote from it.


4 - 7

Are You My Mother? is another simple but very charming story with lots of repetition which children love so much and which really sets them on the path to reading alone.


5 - 8

Horton Hatches the Egg contains great drawings, fun rhymes and a larger vocabulary for children who can already read some Norwegian and are branching out into reading English too.



4 - 7


Alphabet Frieze The Letterland Alphabet frieze is fun and it's wonderfully efficient. Children will enjoy learning the English alphabet if this one is put up on the wall.


6 -10

The Sneetches and other Stories Grown-ups and children alike remember these stories long afterwards. Like all the very best stories they teach about life and living, but I have never come across stories which do this just so effectively, in such wonderful rhyming language and accompanied by such amazingly touching drawings. Just try reading story two - "The Zax" and send me an e-mail if you don't agree this is an all-time great!!