Profile of: Margret Andersen

Margret Andersen established MISC after teaching for almost 20 years in a school for foreign children outside Oslo, in the Norwegian Middle School and in the Upper Secondary School systems. She has a very wide experience both with children of all ages who have prepared to spend some years abroad, and those who have returned to Norway after a period spent outside their native country. For many years,Margret has also organised the children's courses, lectured and given individual family advice about international education at monthly seminars for Norwegian employees re-locating abroad.

It has become increasingly clear that many parents have numerous unanswered questions about what is best for their children during a period abroad - how to prepare for a new international school life; how to keep the necessary contact with the home country and school; how to prepare to re-enter the Norwegian system; and how to make the best possible use of the valuable overseas experience. All of these questions should be tackled as early as possible before departure.