Recommended reference books, work books and games for children and adults

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Languages Moving countries often results in the family using and learning more languages. The books below take up many of the questions parents have and give information about bilingualism and the acquisition of language.

Written by a couple who have brought up their four children speaking Swedish and English. Easy to read and full of sensible advice.

This provides many answers in direct, plain language. Topics include: the advantages of bilingualism, language mixing, trilingualism, identity problems and mixed language marriages.

With their identities built piece by cultural piece, the authors of these stories recall the benefits and the pain of growing up without the chance to put down roots. Contributions from Carlos Fuentes, Pat Conroy and Isabel Allende.

This book is useful for anyone bringing up or teaching children in a multilingual environment. The book answers many questions with scientifically validated facts.

British English Dictionaries:Norwegian children are not used to looking up words in a dictionary. Of course children will need English - Norwegian / Norwegian - English dictionaries, but as soon as possible they need to be able to find information in an English language dictionary. There are many on the market. Some I find especially useful are shown here.

Oxford First Dictionary

age 4- 7

The Oxford Junior Illustrated Dictionary

ages 7- 11:

Oxford Pocket School Dictionary

ages 10 -

Oxford Pocket School Thesaurus

ages 10 -

American Dictionaries and Thesaurus

American Heritage Picture Dictionary

ages 4 - 7

American Heritage Children's Dictionary

ages 8 - 12

American Heritage Children's Thesaurus

ages 8 - 12

Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary

ages 14 - adult

The American Heritage Student Dictionary

ages 11 - 15

The American Heritage Student Thesaurus

ages 11 - 15


Atlas: Geography as a school subject has a much higher status outside Norway's borders.

The Dorling Kindersley Children's Atlas

ages 7 - 15

This fine atlas of the world includes 36 large scale maps of the USA and Canada. I recommend this especially for children preparing to go to school in North America

Dorling Kindersley: My Sticker Book Atlas

ages 4 - 10

This is a fun way to learn geography - placing stickers on the right places! I especially recommend it for young children who are preparing to travel far across the world to a new home.

Children's World Atlas (Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedias)

ages 8 - 14

The Oxford Junior Atlas:

ages 8 - 12

This Oxford atlas is specially for children going to school in a British or British International school. It will help children to get to know the most important symbols and terminology.


Oxford Primary Science Dictionary

ages 6 - 14

Over 400 science words in alphabetical order. Straightforward definitions supported by examples, colourful artwork, and diagrams. Illustrated section at the back on themes such as symbols, tables and equipment.

Science made Easy

ages 3 - 5

Yes, I know it looks as if I have made a mistake with the ages here but children absolutely love to learn about "science" and this is a book the little ones really enjoy! Remember to buy some of the bear story books too, of course. You'll find them on the other pages...

Science made Easy

ages 9 - 11

Science for the older children - still a lot of fun but so very useful as preparation for the real thing.

Science Dictionary

ages 9 - 16

This reference includes explanations of over 500 scientific words and phrases. It covers biology, chemistry, and physics as well as elementary electronics and astronomy.


The Oxford Children's A to Z of Mathematics

ages 6 - 14

Maths has its own terminology - this book should be with all children beginning to learn maths in English.

Oxford First Book of Maths

ages 6 - 9

If the children have some time to do maths in English before starting school abroad, then this is a useful work-book for the early years. There are more on Amazon for the higher levels.

Maths Made Easy

ages 8 -

Covering all the basic mathematical concepts and systems, this book contains useful tips, hints, secrets and pictorial aids, and should also be suitable any young person between 8-18 years who needs extra assistance with basic mathematical principles.

Maths Made Easy Decimals

ages 8 -

This useful book concentrates on areas of Maths that children tend to have difficulty with: subtraction, division, fractions and decimals.

Maths Made Easy Workbook

ages 8 - 9

This is one of a reasonably priced and very helpful series of maths books for children. You will find more on the bookshop pages by clicking on the picture here.


Maths Made Easy Workbook

ages 10 - 11

For the slightly older children. This can be bought with the very useful workbook on Fractions.

Maths Dictionary

ages 8 - 16

This dictionary is an absolute MUST for all Norwegian pupils going to school abroad.


Maths for Practice and Revision

ages 8 - 16

There are a number of books in this series and are all excellent preparation for school abroad.

English language

Practising your English

ages 5 - 7


Practising your English

ages 7 - 8

Practising your English

ages 8 - 10

Practising your English

ages 8 - 12

The Internet-linked World History Encyclopedia

This answers all the questions and it includes hundreds of useful addresses to web sites.

The Children's Illustrated Bible

Including more than 100 of the best-loved Bible stories from both Old and New Testaments, this Bible uses pictorial maps of the ancient worlds to show where the main events took place.




Games on sale in Norway

Norge lotto (Litar)

This is the game of Lotto using cards with pictures from places in Norway


Norge spill (Litar)

A game which is fun to play in any language but which helps remind Norwegian children about the geography of Norway

Kort stokk

Bring one or two decks of cards featuring trolls or scenes from Norway.