Services offered by MISC

Schooling abroad

Margret Andersen can be booked to come to companies to give a presentation about aspects of schooling abroad. Margret also organizes the children's seminar at the monthly ASC Utreise seminars for families, in Asker.

Individual family consulting is provided both through telephone and e-mail discussion, or by meeting for a family advisory session in the Greater Oslo area. These sessions are individually tailored depending on the family's destination and the schooling available. Suggestions are worked out for each child. Topics such as choice of school, books, equipment, detailed school reports and documents necessary for entry into an international school, and advice as to important cultural differences between Norway and the new homeland may all be relevant here.

A school report form in Norwegian or English may be ordered. The report form may be used by the child's teacher at all levels from kindergarden to upper secondary school.

Where possible Margret Andersen will recommend teachers or institutions which provide specially targeted private tutoring for children soon leaving Norway to attend a school abroad.

Return to Norwegian school after a period spent abroad

Returning to the Norwegian schooling system after several years spent abroad can often call for some adaptation. Margret Andersen offers a two hour discussion about various sides of this question. Frequently it will be of most use to book this session - which is aimed at both parents and children - within the first 6 weeks after returning to Norway. Topics covered include coping with the sense of loss that children experience; recent changes in the school system; the subjects which should be discussed at the first parent / teacher meeting; subjects that need special attention; problems concerning adaption to the typical Norwegian classroom; parents' rights; etc

Translation service

School reports, Middle Secondary School leaving certificates and evaluation of the final project work, and Upper Secondary School leaving certificates or references can be translated from Norwegian by Margret Andersen and if necessary sent directly to the school abroad.

For a cost quote on any of the above services please contact Margret Andersen.